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BG BAU - GISBAU - GISCODE for flooring materials

GISCODE creates transparency for contents

Flooring materials that are used in the construction industry are not always possible without additives that could be hazardous to your health. To make handling primers, flooring of all types including wood, epoxies and cement-containing products easier, the BG BAU (professional builders association) and the Technical Commission for Construction Adhesives (TKB) developed a voluntary classification system. This bundles information about possible hazardous materials.

Classification into product groups

All products with certain common hazardous features are assigned to various product groups under the GISCODE. This creates transparency and an overview for the consumer and user. The GISCODE makes it more quickly evident if protective measures need to be taken or certain rules of use followed.

Labelling of STAUF products

You can find the GISCODE classification in the technical information sheets and on the containers. You can also look up the labelling of STAUF products on the website page for the product and in the corresponding EC safety data sheets. If you need more general information on hazardous substances in construction, take a look at the GISBAU website at

All of the industry regulations developed by the trade association are listed there. There are also brochures and handling guidelines to download.

GISCODE emblem description

    D 1
    Solvent-free dispersion flooring materials
    RE 20
    Epoxy resin products, sensitizing, totally solid, non-sensitizing aqueous hardener
    RE 30
    Epoxy resin products, sensitizing, totally solid
    RS 10
    Flooring materials, methoxysilane content
    RU 1
    Solvent-free polyurethane flooring materials
    CP 1
    Levelling compounds on calcium sulphate basis
    ZP 1
    Cement-containing products, low chromate
    S 1
    High solvent content flooring materials, aromate free and methanol free
    W 2+
    Water-soluble surface­treatments, solvent content up to 5%, N-methyl­pyrrolidone­free
    Water seal with isocyanate-containing hardener, solvent content up to 5%; N-methylpyrrolidone free
    KH 1
    Oil-based synthetic-resin sealants, aromate free
    Ö 10+
    Oils / waxes, solvent-free, oxime-free
    Ö 40
    Oils / waxes contain 5 to 15% solvents, dearomatised
    Ö 60
    Oils/waxes, high solvent level, aromate free
    G 2
    Highly solvent-based basic seals and wood putties, dearomatised and low-boiling, 5 to 15% solvent
    GG 20
    Basic cleaner, solvents without H substances, not labelled
    GU 50
    Maintenance cleaner, containing solvents, not labeled
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