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New stage floor in Bruges concert hall: a masterpiece of craftsmanship at a rattling pace

New stage floor in Bruges concert hall: a masterpiece of craftsmanship at a rattling pace

In the summer of 2019, employees of Parket Seye in the Flemish town of Oudenburg started their holidays later than usual: during the performance-free summer break, they had just six weeks to remove the old stage floor in the concert hall of the world-famous concert building in Bruges and install a new one....

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New splendour for gasometer

The gasometer in the Heckinghausen district is really the city landmark of eastern Wuppertal. With a height of 66 metres, it towers over the surrounding buildings and can be seen from a great distance. Built in 1950, the gasometer reliably stored up to 60,000 cubic metres of gas over a period of 45 years to meet the population’s needs. At the beginning of the 90s, modern pipeline technology for...

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Old farmhouse on the Lower Rhine

Buildings that have been used or inhabited for decades often present property developers and craftsmen with special challenges when it comes to renovation. This old farmhouse was no exception. The house was built in 1904 as a house with stables, which for many years were used to house farm animals.

In 1975, the owner at the time converted the stables into garages and added another storey to the...

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Wooden blocks - fit for the future

Innovationlab Hybrid Services in Logistics, Dortmund: Wood block flooring installation

What does the future hold for the field of logistics? How can we best combine human capabilities with those offered by technologies? These are the kind of questions at the heart of the research conducted by the Innovationlab Hybrid Services in Logistics, which is a joint project of the Fraunhofer Institute for...

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Game, set and match with STAUF

Installation of sports flooring

Vienna boasts Europe’s largest indoor tennis hall: 13 tennis and four badminton courts, all under one roof, invite the enthusiasts of net ball games. Renovating the surfaces of facilities of this scale is a mammoth task. Professionals are required here – amateurs are out of their depth: The Sportbau HL specialists, hailing from Gunskirchen in Upper Austria, laid an...

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German Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) Bonn: Wood floor installation

A science in its own right: Solid wooden floors in the research centre

The research centre's new curved building blends in near seamlessly with the forest on the adjoining hill. This is thanks to the slatted sun blinds on the building's eye-catching exterior, which reflect the deciduous forest leaves' changing colours throughout the seasons – making each of its different sections stand out from...

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The sound of peace

Barenboim–Said Academy, Berlin: Wood floor installation

In May 2014, work began to convert the former stage set depot of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden in the heart of Berlin into this special academy dedicated to music. Opened in October 2016, the Academy provides West–Eastern Divan Orchestra-based training to highly talented students with a Middle Eastern background. This special ensemble was...

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Solarlux Campus: Environmentally Friendly Wood Flooring Installation


The privately-owned German company Solarlux, which is a leading supplier of bi-folding glass doors, glass wintergardens and glass canopies, has made it its mission to create products designed to bring more natural light into indoor spaces, create healthier indoor living conditions and to set new trends for indoor living. This is why, when it came...

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